In this day and age, it is common for people to have multiple social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Uploading a photo or updating your status on an account to show what is happening in your life may seem like second nature – after all, people post what they eat for dinner, where they go on vacation, or photos with friends on a very regular basis. However, if you are about to file for divorce or are in the middle of a divorce case, you should consider taking a hiatus from social media or at least think very carefully before you post anything.

Financial Issues

If you are requesting alimony because you claim you cannot support yourself, you do not want to post photos of your latest shopping spree or vacation. Your spouse may use those posts are evidence that you have plenty of funds to cover your basic needs without alimony.

Child Custody

If you “check in” to bars or post photos of you out on the town, your spouse may use those to allege you are not fit to have custody of your children. Even a picture of you holding a single glass of wine can be spun to support allegations of substance abuse or irresponsibility. The same is true if you update your accounts to indicate that you are dating several people. This may not be viewed as in the best interests of your child by the courts.

Making the Process More Adversarial

If you post disparaging or negative comments about your spouse or the divorce process, it may be used to claim you are being uncooperative in your divorce case. In addition, if you have children, a court will view the ability to get along as an important quality when determining custody arrangements and may take your disparaging comments into account.

Privacy Settings May Not Protect You

Even if you have your account set to “private” and are not connected with your spouse on social media, you likely have friends in common who can report any questionable posts and provide them to your spouse. It is always wise to simply not post anything online that could possibly be used against you.

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