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6 Reasons You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Katy, TX

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Katy, TX

By Frank Vendt |

According to a 2018 report by the National Marriage and Divorce Rate Trends, there were 782,038 divorces. Despite the high prevalence of divorces, the process is still stressful and involved parties often face emotional turmoil through the process.

If you are thinking of a divorce, it’s normal to feel confused and overwhelmed. The last thing you’d want to do is representing yourself in a divorce case, hoping that you’ll save money and probably time.

Given the sensitive nature of divorces, it would be best to work with a lawyer. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Katy, TX, has benefits that you’d miss out on when going through the process solo.

Here are the reasons you should hire a divorce lawyer.

1. Legal Knowledge

If you decide to represent yourself in court, note that the judges won’t accord you any special treatment. You will be competing against a lawyer who has years of experience in family courts and matrimonial law. Not unless you have the legal knowledge, you’ll be intimidated, and your case might be watered down by the other party.

Don’t expect the judges to be patient with you, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the law or the documents you need to present. The judge has other cases to deal with, educating you on what you need to have, or the next process isn’t within their job description.

A divorce lawyer knows what to say or not to, making their case appear more reasonable than what you are presenting. It’s highly unlikely that you will argue your case better than a seasoned lawyer. Worse still, you might end up jeopardizing the case by one wrong move or statement.

2. Divorce Laws Vary by Counties and States

The state and county laws often influence family legal matters. What is acceptable in California might not apply in Texas. It would be best to get a divorce lawyer in Katy, TX, who understands the state’s law.

Licensed divorce lawyers in your state have been approved to practice. They understand the guidelines and proceedings that are likely to affect your case. If you have been researching how to get a divorce in Texas, working with an experienced lawyer will give you great insights.

In some instances, local regulations insist that the parties have to go through mediation before taking a divorce case to court. A divorce lawyer will work to ensure that you adhere to all rules. Without a lawyer, you might not understand some of these state or county laws, which will disadvantage your case.

3. Assistance With Paper Work

Paperwork for divorces can be overwhelming. You will be filling and signing loads of paperwork when getting a divorce. Managing the paperwork without any assistance isn’t easy, and you might end up making errors or missing deadlines.

Mistakes in paperwork during a divorce can be costly. It wouldn’t be surprising to have your case thrown out or delayed if the paperwork isn’t done correctly. Divorce attorneys help with all the paperwork, meaning that you won’t have to worry about errors that can cost your case.

In a divorce case, the documents often required are those related to income, real estate, joint financial accounts, life insurance, marital debts, and pension funds. Given the emotional nature of a divorce, you might end up filling some of the paperwork wrongly. A divorce lawyer is ever prepared to address any concerns, and they would hardly get overwhelmed with paperwork.

4. You’ll Get Objective Advice

The emotional turmoil of divorce can push you to make decisions out of frustrations and anger. It’s normal to harbor feelings of anger, sadness, fear, confusion, betrayal, and depression. If you decide to have a DIY divorce, there’s a likelihood that you won’t be objective with your divorce case.

A divorce lawyer in Katy, TX, will help you make the right move regardless of the heightened emotions. The attorney will ensure that you make reasonable decisions for the future.

In a self-representation case, people tend to focus on how they feel at that particular period without thinking about the future, especially where kids are involved.

Family lawyers often act as objective third parties. They remind you to have your emotions in check and will call you out when you are unreasonable. The buffer a divorce lawyer creates between you, and the other party ensures that your emotions won’t sabotage the case.

5. Uphold Your Children’s Best Interest

Did you know that legal custody is usually granted to women in about 83% of the cases?

Child custody laws are quite complex, and only an experienced lawyer can guide you through them. When getting a divorce, it’s crucial to work with a lawyer to ensure that your children’s best interests have been granted.

Custody agreements ought to address your kids’ changing needs. Their needs will continue growing through the years. You must have a strategy to ensure that your kids won’t face adverse impacts following a divorce.

You might have conflicting views with your spouse about the children. A lawyer will act as a mediator to ensure that you reason well when making any decision.

6. Divorce Lawyers Provide a Shoulder to Lean on

Other than legal aid, a professional divorce lawyer in Katy, TX, can provide emotional assistance. If you are going through a divorce, you will likely have loads of concerns, worries, and thoughts. Knowing that you have someone to talk to amidst the turmoil is encouraging.

A divorce lawyer provides a non-judgmental platform where clients can express their sadness, frustrations, or anger. Experienced divorce lawyers have dealt with many similar cases, and they know how to handle clients and make them feel understood. Amidst all these, the lawyer maintains professionalism.

Getting the Right Divorce Lawyer in Katy, TX Will Be Essential for Your Divorce Case

Divorce is not something one would wish to go through. It can be emotionally wrecking and quite overwhelming. With the best divorce lawyer in Katy, TX, getting through the process will be easier for you.

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