Uncontested Divorces Can Become Contested Divorces in a Hurry

If only real-life divorces could be like Hollywood divorces, where a publicist issues a statement Read More…


What Kinds of Changes Justify a Modification to a Parenting Plan?

Whenever there are children involved in a divorce in Texas, the court issues an order Read More…


If You Are Facing Divorce, You Need to Speak the Language

No one wants to get divorced—no one gets married trying to guess how many years Read More…


Be Sure Your Vacation Plans Don’t Violate Your Custody Agreement

Every divorce that involves children in Texas also involves custody and visitation agreements. While these Read More…


Drug Abuse in Divorce Cases Is Sad, but a Reality

All too often, drug abuse by one spouse or the other is a major factor Read More…


Child Custody is Too Important to Leave to Chance

When children are involved in a divorce, maintaining a relationship with the children is among Read More…

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