Bill to Alter No-Fault Divorce in Texas

Bill to Alter No-Fault Divorce in Texas

By Frank Vendt |

The Texas legislature is considering a bill that would eliminate many of the no-fault divorce options in the state. The bill initially addressed nearly every Texas divorce but has been modified to cover only those divorces that are unilateral and that involve minor children. Upon implementation, this bill could have a dramatic effect on Texas divorces. If you are considering a Texas divorce, you need experienced legal counsel.

The Bill

Representative Matt Krause introduced the bill, and he’s shared that his intention is to strengthen the institution of marriage by making it more difficult to divorce in Texas. Krause went on to express his belief that divorce has serious long-lasting repercussions for both children and the divorcing couple. Opponents, on the other hand, point to the likely increase in legal expenses and the likelihood that this bill will place an undue financial burden on couples with fewer resources. Further, instigating an at-fault divorce often leads to heightened acrimony that can hurt both the children and the family.

What Is an At-Fault Divorce?

In Texas, a no-fault divorce requires neither accusation nor admission of wrongdoing by either party. In a no-fault divorce, the couple reaches the mutual decision to divorce with no assignation of blame. This often leads to a more efficient, less expensive, and less acrimonious divorce. An at-fault divorce, on the contrary, usually involves the assignation of blame, such as adultery, spousal or child abuse, abandonment, or cruelty on at least one party’s part. In Texas, the court’s finding of fault against one spouse can affect spousal support, child support, child custody, and the distribution of assets. An at-fault Texas divorce almost certainly necessitates that both parties retain an experienced Texas divorce attorney – either to pursue a claim of fault or to defend against such a claim.

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