Couples Have Different Reasons for Divorce

Couples Have Different Reasons for Divorce

By Frank Vendt |

Every marriage is as unique as the two people who make up the couple. Divorce is no different, and couples divorce for a variety of different reasons. While no two divorces are ever exactly alike, there are several common factors that are closely associated with divorce.

Extraordinary Events

Extraordinary events—such as a child’s debilitating illness or death, the serious illness of a spouse, or a significant business setback—can rock even the steadiest marriage. While many couples come together as a team during trying times, others aren’t able to withstand the additional burden.

In fact, a Texas couple is currently considering divorce to HELP pay for their daughter’s extreme medical expenses. The child suffers from a rare chromosomal disorder that leaves her at the developmental level of an infant and that necessitates care around the clock. As it stands, the father’s modest income is too high for Medicaid but too low to adequately cover the child’s medical expenses. If the couple divorces, the mother will become an unemployed mother of two children and will immediately qualify for Medicaid. This is a dire example of just how unique—and tragic—a couple’s reason for divorce can be.


One of the most common precipitating causes for divorce is infidelity—from a one-night stand to a full-blown affair (or multiple affairs). When a spouse has an extramarital affair, the trust inherent to a successful marriage can erode. Some marriages are stronger than others, and some married couples are able to successfully navigate the rocky terrain of an affair—some couples even become stronger in the process. Many couples, however, can’t overcome the difficult obstacle that a sexual relationship outside the marriage effects and divorce ensues.

Money Issues

Money plays an obvious and important role in every marriage, and money problems or issues often lead to divorce. Managing on too little money is extremely stressful, which can push a marriage past the breaking point. Further, when both parties have widely divergent spending habits, saving patterns, and/or financial goals it can strain the relationship—especially over time.

Addiction Issues

Many people suffer from issues associated with addiction. Addictions—whether they are to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, or anything else—have a way of hijacking the addicted spouse and rendering him or her incapable of fully participating in the marriage as a true partner. Addiction hurts the entire family, and many marriages aren’t strong enough to survive the dire consequences that are often closely associated.

Irreconcilable Differences

We’ve all heard the hackneyed phrase, irreconcilable differences, but many couples find that they really can’t reconcile their differences. When these differences are still in the early stages, marriage counseling can be extremely helpful. When a couple’s differences—be they related to finances, religion, having children, child-rearing practices, or anything else—become habitual and entrenched, it often leads to divorce.

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