Dealing with Your Ex After a Texas Divorce

Dealing with Your Ex After a Texas Divorce

By Frank Vendt |

Divorce is never easy, and it’s bound to throw you some curve balls—not the least of which is figuring out how to deal with your ex after the divorce. Every divorce, like every marriage, is unique, but if you and your ex have children together, you’ll inevitably have to continue to interact. This isn’t easy, but some guidelines can help avoid common pitfalls and make the difficult transition from married to divorced less painful.

Consider Minimizing Your In-Person Communication

While some divorces are more contentious than others, many newly divorced couples find that it’s helpful to minimize in-person communication (at least while the divorce is still fresh). By keeping your correspondence to brief emails, texts, or on-point phone calls, you can avoid unnecessary confrontations and allow yourself time to heal. Relegate your subject matter to your kids and the legalities of your divorce.

Do Not Use Your Children To Deliver Messages To Your Ex

Divorce is hard on children. Protect yours from further stress by not communicating through them. Communicate with your ex privately and on an as-needed basis.

Don’t Look To Your Ex For Divorce Support

Going through a divorce is an arduous process, and you’ll naturally need outside support. Unfortunately, however, the person you’re most likely to turn to for support is your ex. You divorced for a reason, and turning to your ex for support is likely to further confuse your children and to lead to further disappointments. For divorce support, try and rely on your friends and family rather than the person you are divorcing.

Child Support And Spousal Support Are Court-Awarded—And You Have A Right To Receive Them

If the court awards you child support or spousal support, these funds are not a gift that your ex can choose to provide if and when he chooses. On the contrary, they are owed you, and your ex should have no say in how they are spent. If your financial support is not forthcoming, contact your attorney immediately. Conversely, if the court orders you to make such payments, the same rules apply.

Remember: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Over the years, many people develop close personal relationships with members of their spouse’s family. While it’s not impossible to maintain these relationships post-divorce, it’s best to tread lightly and to pay heed to the blood is thicker than water adage. Give these relationships the time and space they need to continue to flourish, and make it your policy never to badmouth your ex with her family members.

Consult With An Experienced Katy, Texas, Divorce Attorney

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