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6 Documents to Show a Divorce Lawyer in Richmond, TX

6 Documents to Show a Divorce Lawyer in Richmond, TX

By Frank Vendt |

Filing a divorce in Texas requires a few documents, as with any other state. Each state does have its own divorce process and way of doing things, but there are a few documents that any divorce lawyer needs from you to complete a divorce with ease.

A divorce can be a challenging time for many, but it can also be an exciting time for others who are ready to close one chapter and start a new one. Whatever your unique situation might be, it’s essential that you gather all of your important documents before meeting with your lawyer.

Call ahead and ask your lawyer what documents are needed from you, and take a look at our list below. Use this list to help you find all of those important documents and then be sure to make copies of everything! Here’s what you’re going to need.

1. Income Tax Returns

Income tax returns are important pieces of information to have during a divorce because it proves how much income’s brought in on each side of the marriage. You should provide tax returns from the past 3 years.

Alimony payments are dependent on how much income either spouse made. If your self-employed or own a business with your current spouse, then you’ll also need to provide 1099s and other proof of self-employed income.

If there’s a business, then provide documents that show all business expenses, financial statements, bank statements, and profit and loss statements as well.

2. Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are agreements made between spouses before marriage. Postnuptial agreements are put in place after the marriage occurs. Both of these agreements are in connection with your marriage and should be shown to your lawyer.

Although neither of these agreements usually determines child support or custody, they do have an effect on other aspects of the divorce such as how any debt, income, and property will be divided. Bring these documents with you to see your lawyer and write down any concerns you might have in regards to them as well.

3. Proof of Fault-Based Divorce

The state of Texas recognizes both no-fault and fault divorces. If you’re filing a no-fault divorce, then you’re acknowledging that no one is at fault for the divorce. The two of you simply do not get along anymore or no longer want to be married.

If you’re filing this type of divorce, then you don’t need to provide proof that someone is at fault for the marriage not working out. When filing a fault divorce, you’ll need to show proof that your spouse caused the divorce by some type of wrongdoing.

This could include adultery, abuse, or abandonment. If this is true to your situation, then be sure to provide this proof to your lawyer.

4. Financial Documents

Financial documents include more than your income tax paperwork. Provide yours and your spouse’s paystubs for the past year. Current income is just as important as tax returns.

Any financial statements that you have or statements of net worth should be provided as well.

Think of all documents that could provide proof of yours and your spouse’s net worth, joint net worth, separate income, and joint income. Do you have any savings accounts or investment accounts with your partner? Gather these documents.

If you have any documents showing ownership of certain assets, be sure to include those as well. This might include vehicles, boats, farm equipment, and more. If a debt is owed on these vehicles, provide this information.

5. Marriage Certificates and Child Birth Certificates

Be sure to bring proof of your marriage and proof of children from your marriage. Without proper documents showing that you and your spouse are married, you won’t be able to file for the divorce. Because of this, you’ll want to make copies of your marriage certificate and bring it with you.

You should also bring your children’s birth certificates. The certificates act as proof that the children are from your marriage or from your spouse (if your spouse signed the birth certificate). If any children were adopted during the marriage, then you’ll want to bring this paperwork as well.

All of these documents come together to make the process much easier and smoother for everyone.

6. Real Estate Documents

Real Estate Documents show proof of real estate owned jointly with your spouse or separately. These documents can be obtained through your bank or the company in which you received the mortgage loan.

On any real estate property that’s owned, show mortgage statements that show how much money is owed on the property. You should provide all of the documents received upon the initial purchase of the property and any refinancing documents if it was refinanced.

All real estate tax assessor’s statements should also be provided to your divorce lawyer.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer Today and Better Prepare Yourself!

Gathering all of these important documents before seeing your divorce lawyer is the best way to ensure your divorce goes as effortlessly as possible. Once you’ve collected all of your documents, make copies, and then consider placing them in a binder where you can easily organize them and find them.

The more prepared you are for the divorce, the better chance you have at receiving the outcome you want.

Are you ready to begin your divorce process? Contact a divorce lawyer today to get the help you need to start your new chapter.

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