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Enforcing Your Texas Divorce Decree

Enforcing Your Texas Divorce Decree

By Frank Vendt |

Divorce is never pretty, and no one likes to dwell on its results. The guidelines of your divorce decree bind you and your former spouse. If your former spouse fails to follow the guidelines, you need to understand your legal options.

The First Steps of Filing a Motion to Enforce a Divorce Decree

Your former spouse is bound by your divorce decree. If he refuses to follow that decree, however, you need an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable on the laws on enforcing divorce decrees in Texas to ensure your best possible outcome and to hold him legally accountable. When a party to divorce violates an agreement in the divorce decree, that party may be held in contempt of court. To hold him accountable, your divorce lawyer will need to file a motion with the court and to set a hearing date.

Contempt of Court Filing

There are several situations that may cause the court to find your former spouse in contempt of court:

  • Failing to make specified monthly payments
  • Failing to adhere to specified custody and visitation agreements
  • Failing to meet requirements ordered by the court

Your Hearing

At your hearing, both you and your former spouse will be allowed to present arguments along with any supporting documentation regarding the alleged refusal to abide by the agreements in your divorce decree. The will then judge make a ruling based on the arguments and evidence presented at the hearing.

Your Rights

Your rights matter. If you’ve been through a divorce, you know how emotionally and financially draining that can be. If your former spouse refuses to abide by your decree, your situation can become that much more difficult. Divorce is never easy, and if your former spouse is playing games with your divorce decree, you need an experienced Texas lawyer who’s skilled in these matters. A successful hearing on such matters requires that you provide all related evidence, you hit every filing date, and you present an air-tight legal argument. Contact a skilled Texas family law attorney.

Enforce Your Texas Divorce Decree by Contacting a Richmond Divorce Lawyer

If your former spouse is ignoring your Texas divorce decree, she is in contempt of court and you need an experienced Texas family law attorney. Your divorce lawyer will ensure that your position is well-represented in court and that your evidence and documents are complete and timely filed.

To discuss your situation with an experienced Texas divorce lawyer, contact The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., today. Attorney Frank J. Vendt is committed to protecting your rights and to doing what it takes to legally enforce your divorce decree. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Vendt, call our office today at (832) 276-9474 or send us an email through our online contact form.

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