Finding the Right Divorce Attorney for You

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney for You

By Frank Vendt |

Divorce is never easy and if you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you understand just how stressful and disruptive this decision can be. Choosing the right divorce attorney, however, can help immensely before, during, and after a divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer will help you navigate the often-complicated legal process while protecting your rights and best interests.

Every divorce is unique, but most share certain qualities. One of these is that divorce is unpredictable—so protect your rights and what you’re entitled to from the beginning. A skilled divorce attorney will ensure that—even during this tumultuous time in your life—you understand the legal process and your options.

Consider several factors when searching for the divorce attorney who’s right for you:

Be realistic – Divorce is a legal process that can seem very clinical—especially when you’re overwhelmed by the emotions that often accompany a divorce. Divorce is intended to dissolve and divide your assets and to determine custody issues. While good divorce attorneys are naturally compassionate, they are not there to emotionally counsel you. The job of a divorce attorney is to protect your legal interests and to efficiently finalize your divorce. The right attorney will accomplish these goals and help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Focus on what’s important – Once you’ve decided to divorce, the goal becomes divorcing as efficiently as possible. A good divorce lawyer will help you focus on what matters and let go of what’s superfluous. Typically, the more quickly you divorce, the less expensive it will be. Divorce—because it is so fraught with emotion—can also be highly complicated, and a skilled attorney will help you move through the process with an eye toward the results that matter most to you.

Communicate openly – Divorce is no time to be shy, and you need to communicate honestly and openly with your divorce attorney. First and foremost, you need to feel comfortable doing this. Look for an experienced divorce lawyer with whom you feel comfortable working, and keep the lines of communication open. The divorce lawyer who’s right for you is the one who makes you feel heard and who is invested in defending your divorce priorities.

If you’ve decided that divorce is your next step, you need an experienced attorney to whom you can relate and who will fight to protect your rights. The right attorney will work closely with you to ensure that your divorce priorities are well represented and that your divorce and all related agreements are properly executed. An experienced divorce attorney will help guide you toward as amicable and efficient a divorce as possible while helping to contain your legal expenses.

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