how do you know when your marriage is over

How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

By Frank Vendt |

How do you know when your marriage is over? There are 1,338,489 people in Texas that have gone through a divorce.

There are times when the signs aren’t as apparent as we would think they would be. But, even if they aren’t noticeable, the signs are still there.

In this guide, we’re going to share the tell-tale signs that your marriage is over. Let’s get right into the list so that you don’t have to continue waiting.

Fighting Against Each Other Instead of for Each Other

When you get married, you begin to tackle everything in life as a team. No matter what comes your way, you take care of it and fight it together.

As a marriage begins to break down, you’ll start to notice that you and your spouse are spending more time fighting against each other than fighting for each other. Bitter arguments can lead to things being said that you usually would never say.

Whereas, there was once a time that you’d never catch yourselves throwing insults at one another or going to bed angry at night has become the nature of the relationship.

Making Selfish Decisions

Once you’re married, you can no longer make decisions for yourself without considering how the choices you make will affect your spouse. Your marriage is over because you or your spouse begin making decisions with only yourself in mind.

Once these decisions have begun to get made, then it’s a sign that someone has already clocked out of the relationship.

You Don’t Want to Be Around Each Other

Often when a marriage begins to breakdown, you find that you don’t want to share the same bed, let alone be in the same room as your spouse. The moment that you start sleeping in separate bedrooms or separate homes altogether, it’s a sign that the relationship is over.

You’ve emotionally separated yourselves from each other and have begun to put up a wall, further severing ties between the two of you.

Unwilling to Fight

As stated earlier, there’s going to be an increase in fighting, but if you or your spouse doesn’t have the will to fight for your marriage, that’s a tell-tale sign. When you don’t have the desire to make it work or do what’s necessary to mend the brokenness and hurt, then it’s over.

This shows that the person has already made up their mind that the marriage has run its course, and they don’t see any reason to try to fix things.

Unwilling to fight can also mean that you refuse to see each other’s side or understand where the other person is coming from.

The Blame Game

It’s often easier to point fingers at someone else for the things that are taking place in your marriage rather than taking responsibility for the part that you’ve played in situations. This is where the blame game comes into play because every argument that you have from now on will turn into a match of telling the other why things are their fault.

You can be arguing about not turning off the lights, and somehow that argument will turn into you both yelling every single fault that the other has. This can be damaging to each other’s self-esteem and especially your marriage.

Your Thoughts

One of the reasons you may ask yourself is my marriage over is because you’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about separating from your spouse. If you find that you’re continually thinking about dating other people or ways that you can leave your spouse, then the marriage is over.

You’re halfway out the door at this point, and it may be time to ask do I need a divorce lawyer.

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

When hiring a divorce lawyer, ensure that it’s someone you don’t mind working with for long hours because, at times, the divorce isn’t the only case of yours that they’ll handle. Along with divorce proceedings, there can be custody battles if there are children involved in the situation.

Before heading to your divorce proceedings, the lawyer will sit down with you and get all of the facts from you. Then they’ll take the information that you’ve given them and ask what you want out of the divorce.

From there, the lawyer will then work with you and the legal team to create a plan that will have the best results for you once the divorce has been finalized. The best way to tell you that you’ve hired an experienced lawyer is to ditch the legal jargon and give you in-depth about the game plan for your divorce.

How to Find a Good Lawyer

The best way to find a lawyer is through online legal sites that often feature a “find a lawyer” button located at the top of the page somewhere. It’s also easier to find a lawyer by asking close family members and friends for referrals on who to choose.

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Instead of searching, contact them today so they can begin to help you build your case.

How Do You Know When Your Marriage is Over? Sometimes You Don’t

When answering the question of how do you know when your marriage is over, sometimes you won’t know until one of you has called it quits. If you’ve read the signs above, then you’ll know what to look out for that may allude you’ve got some serious marital problems.

If you’re thinking about divorce and need help, hire us here at the Vendt Law Firm. We’ve got the experience that you’re going to want on your side.