How to Calculate Child Support in Texas

How to Calculate Child Support in Texas

By Frank Vendt |

Child support can become a much-litigated issue in some family law cases. It is important to have proper child support calculations because these orders can be in place until children turn 18 or graduate from high school.

In most cases, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay a monthly amount to the custodial parent that is to be used for the children’s expenses. The amount will be based on the Texas Child Support Guideline Formula.

While some cases will be fairly straightforward and the amount can be easily estimated using an online calculator, other cases can be more complex. If the paying parent has a high income or tries to hides certain income, a child support case could be complicated.

How to Calculate Child Support In Texas

Calculate the payer’s yearly income. This figure includes more than just wages and salary. Other sources of income that are relevant to the child support calculation include rental income, tips, bonuses, overtime, commissions, severance packages, retirement income and unemployment benefits. Gifts, prizes, alimony, and inheritance may also be considered.

Subtract deductions. The following deductions can be made from the amount arrived at above: Social Security taxes, income taxes, union dues and the children’s health insurance premium payments.

Divide net income by 12. This figure will be the payer’s net resources.

Apply the appropriate percentage below.

  • One child = 20 percent of payer’s net resources
  • Two children = 25 percent of payer’s net resources
  • Three children = 30 percent of payer’s net resources
  • Four children = 35 percent of payer’s net resources
  • Five children = 40 percent of payer’s net resources
  • Six-plus children = at least the amount set for five children

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Having child support is critical to giving children the best life parents can provide. A child support order will likely be in place for years, so it is important that it is done correctly.

Having a Richmond divorce attorney represent you in child support matters is the best way you can ensure that your children are getting what they need and that the order is not burdensome to the parents. The Vendt Law Firm, PLLC, can be reached at (832) 276-9474.