High Asset Divorce: Unique Issues to be Aware Of

High Asset Divorce: Unique Issues to be Aware Of

By Frank Vendt |

It’s an understatement to say that any divorce has the potential to become messy. If you are going through a high asset divorce, you are probably already aware that the stakes can seem to turn up several notches. Another given is that divorce is stressful, but if your divorce involves significant assets or money, it can be that much more stressful. Divorce is a highly emotional and private journey, and if other people take a spurious interest, it can make you feel like you’re all alone out there. Luckily, an experienced divorce lawyer will help you navigate the course with dignity and confidence.

Divorce, High Finances, and Complications

High finances add another layer of effort to the divorce. The act of deciphering what assets are involved, where they’re located, and what they’re worth can be a journey in and of itself. Further, in the world of high finances, assets have a way of morphing in and out of the picture and regrouping here, there, and everywhere. In other words, when a lot of money is involved, not everyone always remains on the up and up. Often, forensic financial investigations are in order.

Emotionally Speaking

A high asset divorce often fuels the emotional fire—because there’s so much more to fight over. Additionally, it’s common for one spouse to have far more control and knowledge of finances in a high asset marriage (and divorce). If you believe your divorcing spouse isn’t sharing all the information related to the full scope of your wealth, your emotions are bound to be running high.

Your Assets and Their Value

If your spouse is hiding assets or undervaluing property, it can be very daunting to attempt to stop that trend. An experienced divorce attorney will work with you to find a forensic accountant who can help you pinpoint your full worth—and prove it. Your dedicated divorce attorney will help to guide you throughout the process to ensure that your rights and your rightful settlement value don’t get lost along the way.

Your Privacy Matters

Divorce often means that private financial information is exposed to public purview, but if you’re going through a high asset divorce, such exposure is likely less than ideal. Your skilled divorce lawyer will endeavor to keep your private financial records sealed and to keep your private information unavailable to the public.

If You’re Facing a High Asset Divorce, Call an Experienced Richmond, Texas Divorce Attorney

Divorce is difficult, and high asset divorces are that much more difficult. If you’re looking at a high asset divorce, you need a skilled divorce lawyer.Attorney Frank J. Vendt at The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., is here to help protect your financial worth. Mr. Vendt has the experience, know-how, and determination to help guide your case toward its most positive resolution. Mr. Vendt is here to help, whether you hail from Richmond, Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, or anywhere in Texas, so please contact or call us at (832) 276-9474 to schedule a consultation today.