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Not All Divorces are Created Equal

Not All Divorces are Created Equal

By Frank Vendt |

Not only aren’t all divorces created equally, every single divorce is unique unto its own circumstances and is as personal and individual as the two spouses involved. Nonetheless, there are distinct trends that are common to many divorces, and it’s useful to understand where your divorce fits in. You may even want to nudge your divorce proceedings in a direction that more closely aligns with your goals and priorities. An experienced Texas divorce attorney will help you better understand your divorce options.

Not Every Divorce Is Fueled By Bitterness

No matter how amicable your divorce, it’s going to be hard on the entire family. Not every divorce, however, is bitter or acrimonious. Further, if you work to keep your divorce proceedings as peaceful as possible, you’ll be able to drastically reduce your legal expenses and to better control the trajectory of the proceedings. This is not to say, however, that you should bend over backward to ensure that your divorce goes smoothly. There is a point of diminishing returns, and your Texas divorce lawyer will help you recognize if you’re approaching that mark. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep your divorce out of the danger zone; you can’t control your soon-to-be ex, and when it comes to divorce, emotions run high. Sometimes, things go south despite your best intentions.

Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes both parties to a divorce are similarly motivated to end the marriage, and they actively work to ensure that the divorce proceeds full-steam ahead. In such instances, the divorcing couple may hammer out the details in tandem—presenting their mutual goals to their respective divorce attorneys. That’s a great approach, and when all’s well, it helps ensure that the family suffers the least amount of damage possible throughout the dissolution of the marriage.


While forging the details of your divorce together as you focus on your family’s best interests is ideal, the reality of divorce is that this is the exception to the rule. Nevertheless, there are ways to move forward without invoking litigation. Mediation is one such example, and it involves both parties (usually represented by separate counsel) working toward a mutually acceptable agreement– within the confines of a private exercise that’s led by a neutral third party known as the mediator. The mediator doesn’t make legal decrees but instead facilitates both parties in their efforts to come to acceptable terms.

When you’re able to come to a collaborative conclusion to your marriage, you’re likely to find that you and your ex are better able to comfortably move forward with your respective lives. It’s important to recognize, however, that some divorces are more sensitive and more fraught with emotional consequences than others. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t force your divorce onto the path of amicability.

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