divorce delay tactics

Signs You are Being Manipulated by Divorce Delay Tactics

Signs You are Being Manipulated by Divorce Delay Tactics

By David Gutierrez |

divorce delay tactics

While no one wants to face a divorce with their spouse, you may end up needing to file for a divorce. However, you may find the process to be difficult—and this is especially true if your spouse tries to refuse the divorce.

What are some divorce delay tactics that you should be aware of?

In order to move your divorce along, there are some signs that you should watch out for. Here are some things to pay attention to if you are struggling through a long divorce.

Why Are Divorce Delay Tactics Bad for You?

When you’re divorcing your spouse, it’s important to keep things moving along swiftly. An extended divorce can end up costing you both money and time in the long run.

When you file for divorce, your assets are pooled with your ex, including your wages. Anything new that you earn or purchase could be at risk of being lost to your ex during the divorce.

Being trapped in a relationship limbo with your ex can also prevent you from beginning new relationships. Not only that, but if you have kids with your ex, they could be stuck in a negative emotional cycle in regards to their relationships with your ex.

Signs You Are Being Manipulated

There are a few signs that you should look out for while in the process of divorce. If you have any reason to believe that your ex may be delaying your divorce, here’s what you should pay attention to.

Constantly Rescheduling Meetings

A common tactic in a stalled divorce is for your ex to reschedule meetings either with your mediator or between you and your lawyers. This often happens last minute so that you have to set a new date further out. By doing so, your ex can continue to delay your divorce until they see fit.

Failing to Sign Documents

Has your spouse refused to sign divorce documents? This can create a long divorce, as you will be unable to properly file for divorce until your spouse has signed their documents. Unfortunately, this is a fully legal and common tactic that people have used to delay their divorces.

There are many steps that you will need to take in order to continue the divorce process, which your ex may attempt to avoid. The court is able to provide alternative measures to move your divorce along if your spouse refuses to sign their paperwork, though you will need to try and get in contact with them beforehand, which can be a challenge.

Frequently Changing Lawyers

Although your spouse may have proper reasons for finding a new lawyer, if they continually search for a new form of representation, they may be trying to delay your divorce. Each time they search for a new legal counsel, your divorce will be put on hold until they are able to find a lawyer.

Refusal to Return Emails or Phone Calls

In order to avoid dealing with the divorce, your spouse may refuse to return phone calls or emails to delay your divorce. They may also refuse to answer the door if you attempt to speak with them in person.

These types of divorce tactics are especially annoying, as you may be unable to move forward in your divorce if you can’t speak with your spouse.

They may also be vague with their responses in order to draw out the divorce as long as possible. If you’ve noticed that your calls and emails are being ignored for longer than necessary, it’s likely that your spouse is delaying the divorce process.

How to Handle Divorce Delay Tactics

In order to avoid a delayed divorce, there are some steps that you can take. Here are some suggestions to help you make your divorce a smooth process.

Hire a Good Mediator

Hiring the right mediator for you and your spouse is the best way to start off your divorce properly. Specialty mediators can work with you if your spouse has narcissistic or manipulative tendencies. They know how to counteract your spouse’s negative behaviors and keep the divorce moving.

A good mediator can work with you through the entire divorce process so that you aren’t left to your own devices. They can advise you on what actions you need to take and help you get the most out of your divorce.

Prepare Counterarguments Before Meetings

While a good mediator should be able to counteract your spouse’s behaviors, you should have some counterarguments of your own ready before your meetings. Make sure you prepare yourself for possible delay tactics your spouse may use ahead of time so that you don’t get stuck in a long divorce.

Document Everything

As your divorce proceeds, make sure to keep physical and digital documentation of everything. This includes any communications between you and your spouse, your conversations with your divorce lawyer and mediator, and any other relevant information. You’ll want as much information as possible at the ready if your spouse delays your divorce.

Keep Friends and Family in the Loop

During your divorce, it’s important to have a strong support system behind you. Inform your friends and family of anything going on as your divorce proceeds. That way, they can help you through the process to speed up the divorce.

Get a Clean Break

If your spouse attempts to use divorce delay tactics as you file for divorce, you don’t have to get through it alone. Remember these signs as you go through the divorce process and keep an eye out for any strange behavior.

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