Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

By Frank Vendt |

The prospect of going through a divorce is never easy, regardless of how amicably you and your spouse came to the decision to end your marriage. One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is discussing these changes with your children. Although you may or may not have come to terms with this decision, your children are reacting from a different place as they are experiencing a break in their family dynamic. This can cause emotional devastation and should be handled in a sensitive way.

The idea of talking to your kids about a pending divorce can be scary, but it is unavoidable. Although there is no established format for telling your kids about a divorce, there are some approaches that are more positive and beneficial.

Come Up With A Unified Plan

Despite the current state of your relationship with your partner, it is important to come up with a unified plan and message before speaking to your children. The mention of divorce can evoke a feeling of displacement and a break in their normal, expected routine. To minimize this effect, first meet with your partner to figure out who will say what and how you will present this to your children. It might be helpful to write out an outline, practice the conversation with a friend, and seek additional advice from other family members.

Set A Time, Gather Your Team

Scheduling a family meeting to bring up the topic of the divorce will make it real. Allow at least an hour or more for this conversation. Even if you don’t think that you will need more than a few minutes to tell them about this decision, they will want to ask questions, and you will want to give them time to react while feeling like they are supported.

Follow Up And Allow Future Conversation

After the initial conversation, it might take some time for your kids to process what you’ve told them. Just because you have had the talk with them doesn’t mean the topic is closed. Let them know it is ok to ask you questions or to have mixed feelings about the divorce. Everyone will have their own process of dealing with the divorce, and allowing your kids to feel comfortable consulting with you will help them work through this.

Be Consistent And Maintain Routines

In a time of drastic change, kids can feel uprooted and confused. For this reason, it is important to maintain their normal routines as much as possible. This means keeping them in the same school, the same extracurricular activities, and on the same schedule as much as possible. It is ok to tell your support system (teachers, friends, other parents) what is going on, this can help your child feel more comfortable and supported.

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