Child Custody Facts In The State Of Texas

Child Custody Facts In The State Of Texas

By Frank Vendt |

How Child Custody Works In Texas

Divorce is always hard, and it comes with its own set of challenges. If children are involved, it becomes even more difficult. Find out everything you can about the Texas, child-custody process, and make informed decisions when it comes to divorce and your children.

Your Children’s Welfare Always Comes First

Your children’s welfare comes first, and Texas courts try to protect this interest. Texas custody law encourages both parents to remain actively involved in the welfare of their children. Even when one parent is awarded sole custody, both parents are expected to prioritize the children’s welfare. Every custody case is unique, but rarely is a parent stripped of all rights relating to their children. Furthermore, typical requirements dictate that certain, important decisions pertaining to education and health are made jointly.

What’s In A Name?

We’re all familiar with the term child custody, but, in Texas, the legal term for child custody is conservatorship—which sounds a bit intimidating. But It isn’t. If you’re ever confused about any terminology related to your custody case, talk to an experienced divorce attorney who will be happy to fill you in.

Types Of Conservatorship

Many states implement a confusing range of custody options, but in Texas, we keep it simple. Two types of conservatorship are designed to effectively meet the needs of our families: joint-managing conservatorship (JMC) and sole-managing conservatorship (SMC).

Standard Possession Order

Texas courts prefer to award joint-managing conservatorship—so long as it’s in the children’s best interests. Such a ruling, however, does not mean that both parents will share equal access and time with the children. Instead, the standard possession order will outline exactly how much time each parent is awarded, much like a custody and visitation schedule in other states.

Rights Of Conservatorship

Parents are awarded many important rights with conservatorship. Typically, both parents have the opportunity to share important information about the children with each other, obtain information about their children’s education from the school, make decisions regarding their children’s education with the school, and make informed, critical healthcare decisions with their children’s healthcare providers.

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