Texas Divorce: What Not to Do

Texas Divorce: What Not to Do

By Frank Vendt |

Divorce is stressful; that’s a given. Your divorce is probably not your finest hour, and that’s okay. It’s no time to beat yourself up. There are certain pitfalls that you can, nevertheless, avoid and that can help minimize divorce damage. By heeding the following warnings, you improve your odds of obtaining a favorable divorce.

Don’t Ignore the Situation

When faced with difficult situations, many people want to turn a blind eye. A Texas Divorce is no time to employ this self-preservation technique, however. If your spouse has filed for divorce, ignoring the legal process and its requirements can irrevocably harm your case.

Don’t Hide or Dispose of Assets

Hiding assets in your marriage, including the disposal of assets through sale or trade, is both unethical and illegal. If you are discovered in so doing, the court can allocate harsh penalties – the assets may even be awarded to your spouse outright. It is far better to keep your financials above board and to request a just and right division.

Don’t Keep Your Attorney in the Dark

Divorce is difficult enough; sharing not so pretty facts about yourself with your attorney doesn’t make things any easier, but it’s imperative that you do just that. Damaging surprises that arise during your case are almost certain to be exacerbated by the element of surprise. There are certain issues that the opposing party has the right to know about, and it’s in your best interest to fully share the information with your attorney:

  • Your finances;
  • Your criminal history;
  • Your ability to parent effectively;
  • Your substance-abuse history; and
  • Your medical and psychological history.

Don’t Post It All

What you share on social media can come back to haunt you in your divorce. Don’t share with abandon; use common sense. Social media data – in all its myriad forms – can also be used to contradict your claims. Maintain careful profiles and use heightened discretion when you share. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t post about your divorce, shouldn’t share negative comments about your spouse or children, and shouldn’t include information or photos that depict illegal or questionable activities. Any such posts can be found highly relevant in court.

Don’t Ignore Your Attorney

Your attorney works on your team, but you need to allow him or her adequate access to pertinent information and to you. A team doesn’t function well when one member fades away. Your divorce is a process, and you need to make yourself available to your attorney as the process plays out.

Don’t Lose Your Composure in Court

Although divorce is highly anxiety provoking, it is paramount that you maintain your composure when you are in court or in a deposition. The court demands decorum; don’t let yourself and your case down.

Contact a Katy, Texas, Divorce Attorney

Divorce is no time to go rogue. If you are going through a Texas divorce, retain an experienced divorce lawyer and keep these guidelines in mind – they will serve you well. An attorney familiar with Texas family law will help ensure that your position and rights are well protected.

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