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The process of getting divorced is never easy. Even if you are the spouse requesting the divorce, you are likely in an emotional situation in your marriage and you may be stressed about the uncertainty of your future. Divorce becomes even more complex if there are children involved, as you want to protect their well-being and your relationship at all costs.

It is important to know that the legal process of obtaining a dissolution of marriage under Texas law1 does not have to be a traumatic experience. With the guidance and advice of a dedicated and experienced Texas divorce lawyer, you can obtain your divorce and move on with your life in the best situation possible. At The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we represent the rights and interests of divorcing clients and always strive for the most efficient and favorable results in every case. If you are getting divorced in or around Katy or Sugar Land, please call to discuss your case today.

Protecting Your Rights in an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is not always the adversarial process that you hear about in the media. In some cases, couples can mutually decide to end the marriage and can cooperate to agree on the issues that need to be settled to obtain a divorce from the courts. In such situations, you may be able to seek an uncontested divorce in Texas.

Uncontested divorces cost less and are significantly faster than contested divorces, however, not every couple may qualify for this type of case. Only couples who have no children, no property, and meet other criteria may qualify for an uncontested divorce. An experienced attorney will be able to identify if you qualify and can help you through this simplified divorce process. Unless you have a thorough understanding of divorce law in Texas, you should always still have professional legal guidance even if your divorce is uncontested.

Helping You Resolve Contested Matters in Your Divorce

In most cases, there is at least one important issue on which a divorcing couple cannot fully agree. If you are not in agreement about all relevant matters, you will have to file a contested divorce. A contested divorce does not mean that you will be yelling at each other across a courtroom, however. Our skilled divorce attorney has many tools for resolving contested matters to avoid litigation in court whenever possible. It is also important to know that if your case does require litigation, we have extensive experience representing clients’ rights in court.

No matter how they are resolved, there are many issues that the court will require to be settled before your marriage can be legally ended. The following are brief descriptions of only some issues that we regularly help to resolve.

Child Custody Arrangements

In Texas, the law presumes2 that it will be in the child’s best interests for the parents to share joint custody unless there are circumstances that indicate otherwise. If you and your spouse are both good parents and both want to spend time with your child, it is often the best decision to agree to share physical and legal custody. However, even if you agree to share custody, it is easy to disagree on the specifics of the custody arrangement, including specific schedules and responsibilities. It can take assistance and advice for you to successfully hash out a plan for you to submit to the court for approval.

Coming to an agreement regarding a joint custody arrangement is not only cost-effective but can also set the stage for more cooperative co-parenting. However, there are situations in which you may believe your spouse is unfit to have custody of your child. If your spouse is fighting for custody and they have a pattern of substance abuse, domestic abuse, crime, or other irresponsible or possibly dangerous behavior, it can be in your child’s best interest to take the matter to court so the judge can make the right custody determination.

Dividing Your Property

During a marriage, a couple can amass a significant amount of property. This is known as community property and it must be divided before a divorce will be granted. Property to be divided can include:

  • The family home
  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Personal property
  • Financial accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investments

Property does not have to be divided down the middle – instead, it must be divided fairly. Our divorce attorney can help you and your spouse discuss different property division arrangements to come up with a fair resolution.

Requesting or Challenging Spousal Support

If you and your spouse will be in different financial situations after the divorce, it is likely one of you will be requesting some form of spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance. For example, if you quit your job to stay home with your children, you will likely need time to rebuild your resume before you can earn an adequate living again. During this time, you may be eligible to receive support payments from your spouse and we can help you prove your need for such support. On the other hand, if your spouse has requested support, we can help to ensure any determination is fair and that you are not required to pay more than your spouse needs under the circumstances.

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Divorces can vary substantially from case to case. At The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we have the knowledge and understanding of divorce laws in Texas to help you efficiently and effectively resolve any issues that may arise in your particular case. Whether your divorce is uncontested or requires court intervention, we know how to protect your rights to a fair resolution of all matters.



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