What NOT to Say to Kids About Your Divorce

What NOT to Say to Kids About Your Divorce

By Frank Vendt |

Divorce is always hard—always. If kids are involved, it becomes that much more difficult. Divorce isn’t just difficult, however, it’s also an emotional minefield that’s littered with a lot of stress. You’re going to lose your cool and say things you regret at some point. You’re going through a tough time; be kind to yourself and make allowances for the inevitable slip-ups along the way. There are, however, some things that you shouldn’t say to your children in the course of your divorce, and it helps to know what they are from the outset.

Don’t Badmouth Your Spouse

While you’re likely to have plenty of less-than-kind things to say about your spouse when you’re going through a divorce, don’t share those thoughts with your children—save them for your experienced divorce attorney and your most-trusted friends. Never badmouth your spouse to your children. It’s not only confusing, but it’s also hurtful. After all, your soon-to-be ex is your children’s parent, and they may love him or her. Divorce is hard enough on children—they shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of your hurt feelings.

Don’t Express Loneliness At Their Absence

Divorce usually means that your children will spend time away from you—with their other parent. Telling your kids that you’ll be lonely while they’re away burdens them with your emotional needs. Your children aren’t responsible for your happiness, and implying that they are is likely to cause them to worry about your emotional wellbeing and to shoulder unnecessary stress. It’s your job as a parent to shield your children from undue worry and anxiety.

Don’t Share Your Financial Worries

Other than issues related to child custody, finances are the number one contested issue in nearly every divorce. If you’re going through a divorce or have experienced a difficult divorce, you are likely to have myriad financial concerns and worries. It’s misguided however to share these concerns with your children (beyond those financial changes that affect them personally). While it’s perfectly natural to be stressed about your financial future and for that burden to weigh heavily on you, share those concerns with your trusted friends and your skilled divorce attorney. Children are ill-equipped to handle such difficulties, and you don’t want to make the divorce any harder on them than it already is.

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Divorce is hard on everyone, but it’s often hardest on the children involved. While you can’t shield your children from the stress and worry that comes with a divorce, you can help them through the process by carefully considering what you do and don’t share with them. A skilled Katy, Texas, divorce lawyer can help you better navigate the process and protect your children from undue anxiety. Attorney Frank J. Vendt at The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., in Richmond, Texas, has the experience, dedication, and compassion to help, so please schedule an appointment today by contacting or calling our office.