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What to Expect at Your Consultation with a Divorce Attorney In Texas?

What to Expect at Your Consultation with a Divorce Attorney In Texas?

By Frank Vendt |

The decision to get a divorce can be emotionally difficult and often is related to conflicts or issues between you and your spouse that you would hesitate to discuss with people you do not know well. As a result, many people have significant anxiety about their first meeting with a divorce attorney and wonder what it will be like.

It is important to remember that divorce lawyer are trained professionals and deal with people who are going through divorce on a daily basis. As such, you should think about talking to your divorce lawyer about your marriage the same way that you think about talking to your doctor about a medical condition. Here are some things that you should expect to discuss at your first meeting with a divorce attorney.

The Issues that Led to Your Divorce

Texas is one of the states that recognizes fault in divorce proceedings, which means that courts will take marital misconduct into account when determining how marital assets will be divided. As a result, your lawyer will ask you about your spouse’s conduct during the marriage in order to determine whether you may have any fault grounds on which you may file. If you do not, you can still file, as Texas also recognizes “no-fault” divorce.

Your Financial Situation

In many divorces, financial matters are hotly contested. For example, there may be significant disagreement about the way in which the marital property should be divided and about whether one spouse will pay the other spouse maintenance (alimony). The way these issues are resolved depends on a number of factors, including the financial history of the marriage, whether you have separate assets that are not part of the marital estate, and more. You lawyer will ask you questions about your finances in order to get a basic picture of any contested issues that may arise.

Your and Your Spouse’s Relationship with Your Children

Another issue that divorcing couples often cannot agree upon is child custody. Courts make determinations about child custody by considering a number of factors and are required to order a custody arrangement that they believe is in the best interests of the child. The way that child custody disputes are resolved often has much to do with each parent’s relationship with the child, so your attorney will ask questions regarding your and your spouse’s relationship with any children you may have.

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