Which 2 Months Have the Highest Divorce Filings?

Which 2 Months Have the Highest Divorce Filings?

By Frank Vendt |

It is often said that January is the “divorce month.” January, it is said, sees the most divorce filings because people wait until the holidays are over to begin divorce proceedings. However, January is not the top month for divorce filings, according to one study. The study found that March and August were the months with the highest levels of divorce filings.

The study specifically reviewed divorce filings in the state of Washington going back fifteen years. The study also found that November and December had the lowest number of filings. Thus, there may be some relationship between the holidays and when people choose to file.

The researchers said that their findings aligned with other evidence on divorce timing. They pointed out that online searches for “divorce” and “child custody” see an uptick in the beginning of the year, peaking in March.

Why March and August?

The researchers believe that spouses thinking about divorce will not want to initiate proceedings during the holidays or before summer vacations. July is the most popular month in which to vacation.

Spouses may also put off a divorce until after the holidays so that they do not have to announce the divorce plans to family members. Children may also be a reason to delay filing.

Also, unhappy couples may become unhappier when a vacation does not go as well as planned. A spouse may lose hope about the marriage if the vacation is stressful.

In any event, most attorneys see that the decision to divorce was not caused by one bad vacation, but rather a series of events or circumstances that unfold over the course of months or years.

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