Texas Standard Possession Order

Texas Standard Possession Order

By Frank Vendt |

If you’re going through a divorce, you know how hard it is on the entire family – especially the children. You naturally want to carve out as much togetherness with your children as possible, but the court’s Standard Possession Orders don’t always make that easy. This is especially true when one or both parents have a schedule-centric career, such as a hospital physician, a pilot, or a position that demands extended travel (to name a few). Such hectic work schedules are not conducive to traditional child-share schedules; sometimes a Creative Possession Schedule is in order.

Standard Possession Order

The Texas Legislature created the Texas Family Code that contains the Standard Possession Order (SPO). This SPO represents a generic child-share schedule that is presumed to be in the family’s best interest and that provides a road map for possession-schedule issues that divorcing parents cannot satisfactorily agree upon. The state’s SPO was designed around a traditional family – complete with a full-time financial provider and a full-time nurturer. Within this traditional approach, it is generally presumed that one parent is a full-time homemaker – who is usually awarded more time with the children – and that the other parent is a full-time provider – who is usually responsible for paying child support and is usually awarded time with the kids that is based on a normal work week.

This one-size-fits-all model simply no longer encompasses the reality of modern families. Many families are comprised of two working parents who both have hectic and varied schedules. Often, something other than this standard approach is necessary to provide children with an optimal outcome.

Creative Possession Schedule

Because divorce is so fraught with emotion and stress, possession schedules can quickly become contentious. An experienced divorce attorney, however, can help you work out a creative schedule that will work for you, your ex-spouse, and, most important, your children. One family’s perfect schedule might be a logistical nightmare for another. Your possession schedule is highly personal and unique to your family; you want to get it right for everybody. This is arguably the most important piece of your divorce puzzle, and taking the time to consider your options is paramount. If you and your divorcing spouse can come to a creative scheduling agreement, that agreement is more likely to receive the judge’s requisite approval.

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